Oikos: Everyday Saints

Over the last four weeks, we've laid out a framework that helps us connect with and share faith with our sphere of influence—our oikos. The Oikos Principle is rooted in the Greek word "oikos," meaning extended household. It's a biblical concept that encourages us to share our faith within our relational worlds.

Here is a recap of the Oikos Principle: For More Information Click Here 

1. List Your Oikos: Identify those in your extended household—family, friend, coworkers, teammates, and neighbors.

2. Pray for Your Oikos: Lift them up in prayer, asking God to work in their lives.

3. Invest in Your Oikos: Build and nurture relationships with them.

4. Invite Your Oikos to Church: Extend a warm invitation to join our community.

5. Prepare Yourself as an Everyday Saint: Equip yourself to live out your faith daily.

Today, let's delve into the step #4: Invite.

I pledge to help John Wesley become an oiko-centric church, where our focus isn't just on programs or sermon series but on fostering this intentional Christian lifestyle that makes a tangible impact. We need to become an inviting church and remain a welcoming church. This demands a transition from a mindset of "feed me and give me" to "make me and send me," as Jesus called his disciples in Matthew 4:19: "Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people."

To connect, train, grow, and activate believers, JWMC needs to cultivate Everyday Saints—individuals committed to growing in faith, knowledge, and grace. We must continue making followers of Jesus who know His teachings and desire to live like Him. Jesus lived an oiko-centric life, investing deeply in 12 men over three years. We might have even more time to make a lasting impact.

Making disciples of Jesus means perpetuating a spiritual legacy for future generations. As Everyday Saints at JW, we embrace a purpose that goes beyond ourselves. We exist to connect people to Jesus, including those who are not yet part of our community.
Tom Mercer reminds us that local churches exist to facilitate strategic partnerships with Christians, helping them succeed in their mission of reconciliation. Churches can sometimes miss their unique role, but a great church finds ways to facilitate the Great Commission in believers' lives.

Acts 2:38-47 provides a powerful example of the early church, filled with the Holy Spirit and doing amazing things. God gifted the church with repentance, baptism, forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, salvation, teaching, fellowship, shared meals, prayer, miracles, joy, generosity, worship, and witnessing. This passage illustrates the beauty of doing life connected—sharing all aspects of life, especially spiritual, in partnership.

Consider the testimony of the Flores family—Sergio, Brittany, Landon, Emma, and Sage. Their story exemplifies why we love our church. Being part of Team Church means having a Holy Spirit-powered team that offers true partnership and support.

Changing the way world is a team sport. As we leave church on Sundays, we enter the mission field. Being an Everyday Saint becomes more purposeful, real, and natural. Every day, all day, we carry this mission until we return the following Sunday. Romans 15:13 encourages us to be filled with joy and peace, overflowing with hope through the Holy Spirit. By preparing ourselves as Everyday Saints, we are essential to the health and success of our church team. Our role is not to convince or convict but to be witnesses of what God has done and is doing in our lives, as stated in Acts 1:8.

Everyday Saints at JW live with the purpose of personal growth through serving, generosity, fellowship, study, prayer, and worship. As we grow in grace and peace, we share our faith stories and convey who God is to our oikos. When you invite someone, you become a teammate in their journey of faith. Our church supports you in serving your oikos, helping you stay on-mission, and activating you as a world-changer.

You might not feel like the best at meeting your oikos' spiritual needs, but our church is here to assist. From kids to adults, JW Groups and Teams help develop humility and an others-focused mindset. The church is forever relevant, connecting people to Jesus—the One who saves.

Embracing the Oikos Principle transforms our approach to faith and community. As Everyday Saints, we are called to live with purpose, connecting people to Jesus and making a lasting impact. Let’s continue to invite, invest in, and pray for our oikos, trusting that God will work through us to change lives and build His kingdom.

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