Pt. 3 — Long Range Plan

Your Long-Range Planning Team is producing a Master Plan for our church.
Thanks to all who that attended our first Master Plan townhall this past Sunday.  It was a productive session, and we had a great turn out!

Here is a link to a pdf version of the presentation — CLICK HERE!
The Long-Range Planning Team was formed to develop a master plan for our physical property.  This master plan will be used as a guide to ensure our facilities meet the needs of the church today and into the future.  Since this will be a plan, it is important to share that no final decisions will be made on any of the elements.  However, we will use this work to inform a future capital campaign.
Our goal is to provide facilities that support the church’s vision to create an irresistible Wesleyan Methodist church that is 100% unapologetic in connecting you, your next-door neighbors, and the next generation to Jesus.
We will share the final draft master plan at a future townhall session.
Members of the Long Range Planning team include:  Dick Francis, Chair, David Babb, Pam Burk, Dan Chenoweth, Scott Chenoweth, Marty Dunbar, Will Echols, Kim Hall, Mike Hall, Larry Leavell, Priscilla Novak, Jill Oliver, Paul Oliver, Deborah Wasser, Trish Woodruff
Architectural firm Merriman, Holt, and Powell is helping us through the master planning process.
The Long Range Planning Team