Making Space for Generosity: Wk4

Opening Poll: The congregation is invited to reflect on their past decisions, particularly unwise ones related to money, acknowledging that everyone has made such choices at some point.

The sermon connects wisdom directly with the way we handle our possessions, suggesting that a wealth of wisdom is essential for creating room for generosity in our lives.

Proverbs 16:16 is cited to highlight the superior value of wisdom over material wealth.

Wisdom and Generosity: Wisdom is not just about having information; it's about applying knowledge and understanding to all areas of life, including the management of finances and possessions.

Three Keys to Making Space for Generosity:
1. Devise a Plan: Planning is crucial for intentional generosity rather than just giving away leftovers.
2. Offer & Elevate Your Gifts to God: Proverbs 3:9-10 teaches to honor God with the best, not what's left, promising that God will bless such faithfulness.
3. Seek Wisdom from Past Saints: Learning from those who have gone before us can provide valuable insights into faithful living and generosity.

Practical Steps to Use:
-  Estimate of Giving Cards (EOGs): These are presented as tools for the congregation to plan their financial giving, emphasizing that they are not contracts but guides for intentional generosity.

Closing Thoughts:
-The sermon concludes by stressing the importance of trusting God over our own wisdom, especially regarding our possessions and generosity. Proverbs 3:5-6 is cited to encourage trust in the Lord for guidance in all things, including the use of our resources.

Closing Prayer:
The prayer thanks God for His provision and wisdom, asks for help in being wise with possessions, and expresses gratitude for the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ. It is a call to live with thankful hearts and to trust in God's provision and blessings.