2023-24 Core Leadership Team Slate

John Wesley Church Family,

I am thrilled to announce the 2023 slate for our Core Leadership Team (CLT). After careful consideration and prayerful discernment, we have selected a group of dedicated individuals from your nominations whom we believe will lead our church with godly discernment, wisdom, and vision.

At the Church Conference on May 21 at 5:00 p.m., members will be introduced and voted into place the following individuals, both current and new.  You can follow this link to see pictures of the current members. *Those on the list in bold are new members to the CLT.

1.Scott Chenoweth (Chair)
2.Dick Francis (At-Large for Long Range Planning)
3.John Tyler (Finance)
4.Josh Fuchs (At Large for Spiritual Lay Ministry)
5.Don Pine (Endowment)  
6.Pam Burk (At-Large for Generosity)
7.Alex Miller (Property Trustees)
8.Stephanie Bruce (At-Large for NextGen)
9.Bob Schindler (Pastor-Parish Team)
10.Carolyn Milby (At-Large for Groups)
11.Jami Echols (At-Large for JW Christian School)
12.Andy Fisk (At-Large for Missions)

Bob Schindler has been a member of John Wesley for 41 years.  He holds leadership and teaching roles in our men‘s ministry.  Bob is a member of the Pastor-Parish Team as one of my prayer partners. Bob will take over the PPT from Kristin Leard, who is rolling off the CLT and becoming Co-Chair of the Women’s ministry.

Carolyn Milby has been a member of John Wesley for over 30 years.  She holds leadership and teaching roles in our women’s ministries.  Carolyn will be an at-large member who relates to our Adult Groups.

Jami Echols has been a member of John Wesley for over 5 years.  She has served on multiple committees and as a mom of young children leads the Mothers Of PreSchooler (MOPS) program at JW. She was nominated by the school and will serve as an at-large member in relation to the JWCS.

Andy Fisk has been a long-time member of John Wesley and served on mostly every leadership team during this time.  He sings in the chancel choir, serves as our Disaster Relief point person and will be an at-large member who relates to the Missions Team.

Each one of these new CLT members and our current members brings unique talents, experiences, and perspectives to our team. We are confident that they will work together to advance our church's mission and vision and serve our community with excellence.

We encourage you to pray for these individuals as they prepare to serve on the Core Leadership Team. Please also pray for our church as we continue to seek God's will and guidance in all that we do.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. for the Church Conference.  Your support and vote for these individuals will be a blessing.  

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Marty Dunbar