A Message of Gratitude

Dear Beloved Members and Guests of John Wesley Methodist Church,

As we reflect on the past year, it is with a heart full of gratitude and hope that I share with you the financial health and impact of our church community. Despite the challenges and changes we faced, including disaffiliation, members relocating, and the loss of beloved members through death, our church has not only persevered but thrived. Your unwavering faith and generosity have played a pivotal role in this journey.

We are delighted to report that, by God's grace and your steadfast support, we closed the year financially ahead of our anticipated budget. Preliminary reports show we surpass our budget by $1,100. (2023 General Giving of $2,401,132 with a 2023 Budget of $2,400,000) These are not just numbers – they are a testament to the strength and commitment of our faith community. It is a reflection of the extra-mile and sacrificial giving of our members and guests.  This outcome is particularly significant considering the year was marked by both new beginnings and farewells.

Our generous members and guests display our financial resilience, bolstered by healthy reserves, positions us strongly as we step into 2024. This strength is a beacon of hope, affirming that we are part of a robust and thriving spiritual community. It reassures us that our leadership and stewardship are guiding us in the right direction.

Your contributions have been instrumental in advancing God's mission and ministry within our church. The tangible difference made through your giving is evident in the numerous ways we've connected people to Jesus. Our diverse ministries – encompassing children, youth, adults, school, and outreach programs – have flourished because of your support.

Our worship attendance continues to grow in both the 9:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. services. On January 7, we had 105 people in the modern service and 232 people in the traditional service. Our school’s enrollment is experiencing some of the highest numbers in years. The NextGen ministries continue to reach children, students and a large number of new families. The Wednesday Night Pastor’s Bible study started off the Spring session filled with members and guests. Women’s and Men’s Bible studies continue to teach and shape disciples. Our outreach partners, local and global are being supported through your general giving. And our campus continues to be maintained as we move closer to finalizing a new master plan.

The impact of your generosity extends beyond the walls of John Wesley Methodist Church. It is a force that touches lives, transforms hearts, and expands the Kingdom of God. Your giving is an act of worship and a reflection of God's love and abundance. I want each of you, members and guests alike, to feel the deep appreciation and gratitude that your giving inspires. Your contributions are more than financial support; they are a partnership in the holy work God is doing in and through our church.

As we look forward to what God has in store for us, let us continue to walk in faith and generosity. Be proud of the role you play in God's work and the remarkable achievements we have made together.

In Christ,
Dr. Marty Dunbar
Senior Pastor

P.S. — If you have not turned in your 2024 Estimate of Giving card please do.  We are currently sitting at $1.87 million in committed giving for 2024. Your Finance Team and Core Leadership Team would love to see the EOG commitment at $2.2 million. You can pledge electronically by using this link DIGITAL EOG.