Pt. 2 — Long Range Planning Team

As I embark on my six week sabbatical, I wanted your Long Range Planning Team to share an update with you.  The master planning process is due to end in December and here is an update on what has happened and is happening.

In Christ,
Pastor Marty

The following is an update from the Chair of the LRPT, Dick Francis:

As previously highlighted by Pastor Marty, we've established a Long-Range Planning Team to create a comprehensive master site plan for John Wesley. This plan is integral to preparing John Wesley for the anticipated needs of our congregation.

The master site plan will adopt a phased approach, addressing identified needs and opportunities in a fiscally responsible manner – one that aligns with the capital capabilities of JWMC. This plan will serve as a guide for future capital campaigns.

We've made headway in the initial stages of the master site plan development: the committee has outlined the requirements; we've engaged 
Merriman Holt Powell Architects for plan development assistance; the master schedule is in place, and the data collection phase is now underway. As part of data collection, the team is reviewing the master site plan produced in 2004 and has completed a series of five ministry interviews. In these sessions, over 60 church members were invited to voice their opinions on how our facilities can cater to current and future needs.

Moving ahead, the committee will establish the vision goals for our master site plan and visit numerous Houston-area churches to understand their facility usage. We will develop and circulate draft master plan options, and host at least one town hall meeting for the congregation to review and provide feedback on the draft plan. Our aim is to have an approved master site plan by year's end.

Long Range Planning Team: Chair: Dick Francis. Members: Marty Dunbar, David Babb, Pam Burk, Dan Chenoweth, Scott Chenoweth, Will Echols, Kim Hall, Mike Hall, Larry Leavell, Jill Oliver, Paul Oliver, and Deborah Wasser. David Cannon has kindly agreed to assist the team as required.