Oikos: Everyday Saints Pt.2

My mother's life is a testament to the profound influence one person's faith and dedication can have on their immediate world—their oikos. From her role in our church community to her impact on friends and coworkers, and most tenderly, within our family, including me, her daughter-in-law, and her grandchildren, her life has been a ripple of transformation.

According to a recent Barna report titled "Mom Co.," mothers hold their role in high regard, viewing it as an integral part of their identity. This is true regardless of their children’s ages. Mothers across the spectrum affirm that despite the myriad challenges, the role of motherhood is overwhelmingly rewarding.

Yet, despite the fatigue and feelings of being overwhelmed, mothers wield a lasting influence that spans various spheres. However, it's concerning that only a small fraction of mothers feel they contribute meaningfully to the world on a regular basis, with less than one in five expressing this sentiment. This includes mothers in Christian communities, where only 21% feel they make a meaningful contribution compared to 14% of non-Christian mothers.

The Barna report underscores that faith plays a crucial role in mothers' emotional well-being, with Christian mothers more likely to report satisfaction and confidence in their life choices and their contributions to the world.

Women who "mother"—whether they are biological, adoptive, step-mothers, or those who mentor other mothers or students—invest in their oikos with faith as a priority. They are the true world-changers.

The study offers recommendations for churches to partner with mothers and disciple them holistically, ensuring the church is an authentic, safe, and supportive environment. At John Wesley Methodist Church, one of our goals for 2024-25 is to prioritize ministries for mothers of children and students, aligning with the biblical Oikos Principle. This principle suggests that we are all strategically placed to influence those around us, countering the feeling of not having an impact. The spiritual truth is that most people who come to know Jesus are introduced to Him through their oikos—their sphere of influence.

The Oikos Principle is more than a singular concept; it's about encountering the real Jesus. When your world is changed, you begin impacting those around you, thereby changing the world by infusing it with more love, grace, and forgiveness—the beauty of Kingdom life.

Our goal is to embed this Oikos-centric living into the DNA of our church, maintaining a biblical and spiritual guide that keeps everyday saints on mission—focused, intentional, strategic, purposeful, growing, and thriving.

Do you want to walk in purpose and mission? We are all everyday saints, carriers of life-changing news. Share it with your oikos.

Despite what you see in the media, remember, God is still working amidst it all. We are co-participants with God in proclaiming the Kingdom—the greatest news of all time about a loving, gracious, saving God who lived, died, was resurrected, and is alive, seeking to redeem all of humanity into one big oikos.

Mothers, keep investing in your oikos. You are world-changers, and your work is far from unnoticed. Be everyday saints, love and serve in the name of Christ, and watch as your oikos transforms, reflecting the radiant light of God's love.
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