Lightpost Pt.2

Receiving the Light
As we enter the season of Advent, a time rich in tradition and spiritual contemplation, let's explore the profound symbolism of the Advent candles and wreath, a popular custom in both churches and homes. This practice isn't just a festive decoration; it's a vivid representation of spiritual truths, guiding us through the Advent season towards Christmas.

The Symbolism of the Advent Candles
Candle of Hope
This candle reminds us that God's light, sent to shine in our darkness, guides us to salvation. It's a call to actively seek God, with the assurance that when we seek, we shall find Him.
Candle of Love
The second candle represents the Word sent from God, echoing the prophecies and leading us to salvation. It's a call to believe in the gospel and the good news of Christmas.
Candle of Joy
Colored rose, this candle symbolizes the joy that comes from God’s presence. It's an invitation to rejoice in the hope, forgiveness, and grace we receive from God.
Candle of Peace
This candle reflects our faith journey, where God's light lives in us, and the Holy Spirit purifies our hearts. It's a call to walk in faith and reflect Jesus, the "light of the world."
Christ Candle
Lit on Christmas Eve and onwards, the Christ Candle is the culmination of the Advent season, symbolizing our celebration of the Light - Jesus Christ.

Walking in Darkness: A Universal Experience
Walking in darkness, whether literal or metaphorical, is a universal human experience. It slows us down, makes us uncertain, and we're prone to getting hurt. In the spiritual realm, 2 Corinthians 4:4 highlights how many are blinded to the light of the Good News, living in spiritual darkness.

The Conflict Between Light and Darkness
In the Bible, the contrast between light ("phos") and darkness ("sko-tia") is profound, symbolizing the battle between good and evil, truth and falsehood. Jesus, as the light, stands in stark contrast to the 'darkness' of sin and evil.
Sadly, some Christians never move beyond believing in the light to truly receiving it. Receiving God's grace involves more than belief; it's an active and ongoing acceptance that transforms our lives.

The Art of Receiving
Receiving the light is an art that involves active and ongoing acceptance, incorporating Jesus' teachings, and welcoming the gifts of salvation. It's about embracing grace, hope, peace, love, and forgiveness.

The Threefold Art of Receiving
1. Active and Ongoing Acceptance: Continual engagement with God, not just a one-time event.
2. Incorporating the Teachings of Jesus: Living with the heart and motives of Christ, beyond mere rule-following.
3. Welcoming the Gifts of Salvation: Embracing and being transformed by grace, hope, peace, love, and forgiveness.

Conclusion: Living in the Light
As we journey through Advent, let's embrace the deeper meaning of the Advent candles. It's about more than tradition; it's a spiritual journey of actively seeking, believing, receiving, walking in, and celebrating the Light of the World. Let this season be a time of reflection, transformation, and a renewed commitment to live in the light of Christ.
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